Best aluminum for marine use

Updated : Feb. 01, 2024
Table of Contents
  1. Marine Alloy Selection Considerations
  2. Aluminum alloys commonly used in shipbuilding
    1. 5xxx series marine aluminum
    2. 6xxx series marine aluminum
    3. 7xxx series marine aluminum
  3. Conclusion

What kind of aluminum plate is suitable for shipbuilding? The choice of aluminum alloy for shipbuilding depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of boat, its intended use, and the desired characteristics of the finished boat.

Best aluminum for marine use

Marine Alloy Selection Considerations

1. Corrosion resistance

  • Water environment: Ships operate in seawater, so the alloy must have excellent resistance to salt water corrosion. For ships in freshwater environments, resistance to freshwater corrosion is equally important.
  • Resistance properties: Some alloys may be more resistant to common seawater corrosive agents, such as chloride ions.

2. Strength to weight ratio

  • Strength requirements: Ships need to be strong enough to withstand the waves and pressures of the offshore environment, so the strength of the alloy is critical.
  • Lightweight design: At the same time, considering the fuel efficiency and performance of the ship, it is necessary to reduce the weight of the structure as much as possible, so the strength-to-weight ratio is a key indicator.

3. Weldability

  • Welding Process: Ship construction and repair often require extensive welding work, so the weldability of the alloy is a key consideration.
  • Weld quality: The alloy should be able to maintain good properties after welding, avoiding brittleness or other problems at the weld.

4. Formability

  • Forming Complexity: Ship structures may require complex shapes and curves, so the formability of the alloy is critical to meeting design requirements.
  • Forming Processes: Understanding the forming processes of different alloys, including forging, extrusion, and casting, can help in selecting the alloy best suited for a specific design.

Aluminum alloys commonly used in shipbuilding

5xxx series marine aluminum

The 5xxx series marine aluminum palte includes 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5454 aluminum plate, 5059 aluminum plate, 5383 aluminum plate, and 5456 aluminum plate. The commonly used ones are 5052 marine aluminum plate and 5083 marine aluminum plate.

5052 marine aluminum plate

5052 This alloy is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for marine applications. Commonly used on small and medium-sized ships and easy to weld.

5083 marine aluminum plate

5083 is widely used in the shipbuilding industry for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is suitable for larger ships and is often used on hulls and superstructures.

5xxx series marine aluminum

6xxx series marine aluminum

6061 marine aluminum

Known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, 6061 is a versatile alloy that can be used in a variety of applications, including shipbuilding. It is ideal for boats that require a good strength to weight ratio.

6082 marine aluminum

6082: Similar to 6061, 6082 has good strength and corrosion resistance. It is typically used in marine applications where higher strength is required.

7xxx series marine aluminum

Although less common than 5052, 5083 or 6061, 7005 has high strength and toughness. It may be a suitable choice for specific ship designs requiring these characteristics.

Application of aluminum plates in ship shells

There are three types of hull structures for ships and ships: transverse frame type, longitudinal frame type and mixed frame type. The bow and stern end structures of aluminum alloy small fishing boats, inland river boats and large ships often use transverse frame structures. The aluminum alloy materials used in ship hulls are mainly plates, profiles and wide overall extruded aluminum profiles.


The best marine aluminum depends on all considerations, and the most suitable is the best. When selecting a marine aluminum alloy, in addition to considering the characteristics of the alloy, you also need to ensure that the alloy can meet the requirements of the specific ship design and comply with the corresponding international standards and certifications. The selection of suitable aluminum alloys needs to be comprehensively considered based on specific application requirements, shipbuilding standards, cost and other factors.

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