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The following are our superior products, which have obtained AMS, AS9100, ship board certification ABS, DNV, LR certificates.

Aluminium Plate and Sheet


Haomei Aluminum is a professional supplier of aluminum products, including Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Closure, Aluminum Coil, Aluminum Disc, Aluminum Strip. Each product performance, ingredients have been strictly tested.

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Haomei Aluminum provides materials for many world-renowned brands. We can provide customers with personalized customized services to meet their special needs.

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Haomei Aluminum

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The Latest News

  • Aluminum Disc 1060 Spinning

    Aluminum disc 1060 spinning refers to the process of using a disc made of aluminum alloy 1060 and spinning it to create various shapes or parts.

    Apr 17,2024
  • Aluminum Circle 1050 for Making Cooking Ware

    Aluminum Circle 1050 has a wide range of uses and is commonly used in various types of cookware due to its excellent thermal conductivity, lightness, corrosion resistance and formability.

    Apr 17,2024
  • Embossed Kraft Paper Laminated Aluminum Foil

    Embossed kraft paper composite aluminum foil is a composite material made by bonding a layer of aluminum foil with an embossed pattern to a layer of kraft paper. It has excellent barrier properties, strength and versatility.

    Apr 17,2024
  • 3004 Aluminum Strip for Lamp

    As an important material in the lighting industry, 3004 aluminum strip for lamps plays a key role in lamp holders and lamp holders due to its excellent performance.

    Feb 06,2024

Quality Control Plan

Product quality is the top priority of Haomei Aluminum. We strictly control every production process to ensure that the product has stable performance, no flaws on the surface, and the tolerance is controlled within the range of customer requirements.

  • Raw Material Control
    Raw Material Control
    • Raw material inspection
    • In line with national standards
  • Production Process
    Production Process
    • Control temperature/pressure
    • Product Stability
  • Testing Equipment
    Testing Equipment
    • Advanced Equipment
    • Quality up to standard
  • Performance Control
    Performance Control
    • Test strength/toughness
    • Meet customer requirements
  • Surface Control
    Surface Control
    • Excellent finish/flatness
    • Oxide layer up to standard
  • Packaging/After-sales
    • No damage in transit
    • Solve problems in time

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In-depth understanding of the performance and advantages, characteristics and applications of aluminum alloys, and the value and application of aluminum alloys in industrial production and manufacturing.

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Aluminum Product
What are the main applications of aluminum products?

Aluminum products are widely used in various fields due to their light weight, corrosion resistance, recyclability and other advantages. For example, in the field of marine, automotive and transportation, aviation and aerospace, packaging, construction, etc.


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