Automotive Aluminum Plate

Haomei Aluminum ensures that the strength, stiffness and other mechanical properties of the automotive aluminum sheet meet the requirements of the car body and parts. The surface of the aluminum plate has good flatness and smoothness, and the tolerance is strictly controlled.

  1. Automobile Aluminum Plate Advantages
  2. Applications of aluminum on car
    1. Aluminum for automobile body
    2. Engine
    3. Car Chassis System
    4. Wheel Hub
    5. Battery
  3. Auto aluminum alloy
  4. Automotive Aluminum Plate Specifications
  5. Key Automotive Aluminum Plate Introduction
    1. 6061 Aluminum Body Panels
    2. 6063 Automotive Aluminum Plate
    3. 5182 Automotive Aluminum Plate
    4. 5754 Automotive Aluminum Plate
    5. 7075 Automotive Aluminum

Automotive aluminum plates help improve vehicle performance, fuel efficiency and reduce emissions and are used in various vehicle components such as body panels, engine components, wheels and suspension systems.

Automotive aluminum plate

Haomei Aluminum offers a wide range of lightweight aluminum alloy plates with the strength, formability, corrosion resistance and surface quality required for automotive panels. The weight of the automotive aluminum plate can be reduced by 10%, and the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%. For every 100kg reduction in vehicle curb weight, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.3-0.6 liters.

Automobile Aluminum Plate Advantages

Incorporating aluminum plate into a car has brought a variety of advantages, including reducing weight, corrosion resistance, formability, thermal conductivity and recyclable.

Applications of aluminum on car

Automotive aluminum plates typically use the 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx and 1xxx series of alloys, each of which has different properties and applications.

Car aluminum plays an important role in automotive manufacturing, and its application covers the body, engine, chassis and other aspects.

Specific Application Alloy Thickness(mm) Width(mm)
Body Car door 5182 0.15-600 C
Front and rear cover
Car Yingzi board (leaf board) 5083, 5052
Car lift 5083, 5182, 5005 0.15-600 20-2650
Car inspection fixture 5005, 5083
Car 5083
Car primer 5083, 5754
Car paddy 3003, 5052
Car seat skeleton 6061 1-500 100-2650
Chassis Car wheels, truck wheels 6061 0.30-600 150-600
New energy vehicle battery bottom plate 6061
Power system Aluminum plate for fuel tank 5052, 5083, 3003, 5a05
Heavy card storage cylinder 5083
Power battery shell 3003, 6061 0.20-4.5 20-2650
Aluminum foil for battery cells 1235, 1060, 1070 0.014/0.015/0.016 280-120
Battery 5754 0.15-600 20-2650
Car power battery soft bag 8021, 8079 0.014-0.2 C

Car aluminum structure diagram

Aluminum for automobile body

Aluminum plates for car body include body frames, doors, hoods, etc. This not only helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle, but also improves the rigidity and corrosion resistance of the body.


Aluminum is widely used in the manufacturing of automobile engines. For instance, components such as the engine cylinder block, cylinder head, and crankcase can be made from aluminum to reduce the overall weight of the engine, enhance heat dissipation efficiency, and improve fuel efficiency.

Car Chassis System

The application of aluminum alloy in the automobile chassis and suspension system helps reduce unsprung mass, improving vehicle handling and driving comfort.

Wheel Hub

6061 aluminum alloy wheels are currently mainly produced using gravity casting and low-pressure casting. The reduction in wheel weight contributes to lower fuel consumption and increased payload. Additionally, aluminum wheels dissipate heat well, extending the fatigue life of the wheels.


Aluminum alloy battery casing provides excellent protection and heat dissipation performance for batteries, ensuring safe operation and longevity. Aluminum alloy can also be used for battery heat sinks and battery connectors, improving the efficiency of battery charging and discharging, enhancing battery performance, and extending the driving range.

Battery tray

The 6061-T651 product requires meet the strength requirements and has good impact toughness, which is applied to the battery bottom board.

Auto aluminum alloy

The aluminum alloy applied on the car is mainly cast aluminum alloy, accounting for about 8% of the total aluminum volume, and about 65% of them are used in the form of die castings. The aluminum alloy involved in the car manufacturing is the following. No one can be contacted to contact us Email:info@alu-

7 Series auto aluminum

6 Series auto aluminum

5 Series auto aluminum

3 Series auto aluminum

2 Series auto aluminum

1 Series auto aluminum

Alloy Applications
1100 interior decorative parts, nameplates, town decoration parts
1200 squeeze condensation tube and heat transmitted wings
2008 Internal and external coverage parts (shell board), structural parts
2010 Internal and Outside covers, structural parts
2011 screw
2017 fastener
2117 fastener
2024 fastener
2036 Internal and external coverage, carrying flooring, seat rack
3002 decoration, nameplate
3003 Brazed Heat Exchanger Tubes, Heater and Evaporator Fins, Heater Inner and Outer Tubes, Oil Cooler and Air Conditioning Pipes
3004 topical coverage board and parts
3005 fiber welded heat sink tube, heater and edge support, swallow -fired parts
4002 composite comfortable welded board
4032 Forging piston
4044 composite fiber welding board
4104 composite fiber welding board
4043 welding line, composite Xuan welding board
5005 decoration, nameplate, inlaid decoration
5454 coverage parts, parts, truck shock absorbers
5252 decoration
5182 endoic plates, mud, insulation shielding, air cleaning device disk and rate, structure and welding parts, carrier floor
5454 Various parts, wheels, engine auxiliary brackets and engine seats
5457 decoration
5657 decoration
5754 intrastics, mud, insulation shielding, air cleaning device disk and hood, structure and welding parts, carrier floor
6591 heat exchanger, radiator (NLILOR)
6009 body rice gold materials (mold brackets, front wing plates, sliding wingspan, outer wing plate) inner board, engine cover inner and outer plate, inner door version, carrier floor, seat shock absorber enhancement, structure and welding parts
6010 wall board, skylight pole, inside of the door, inside of the shed, spare wheel rack, wheelyi, seat rack and track
6111 body rice gold, wall board, etc.
6005A body parts
6022 Inner and outer shell board
6051 heat exchanger
6016 body rice gold piece
6063 Squeezing structure materials (transmission system parts, connecting parts, engine parts, etc.). Door frames, window frames, attachments, etc.
6463 Squeezing structure materials (transmission system parts, connecting parts, etc.). Door frames, window frames, etc.
6053 fastener
6061 body squeezing material, bracket squeeze material and plate, suspension forging, ink -motion tube, rinse and forging drive shaft drive. Spare wheel rack. The shock absorber enhanced the tendons. Tight the cause. The brake cylinder "Squeezing material, oil transportation system, bumper, heat exchanger
6151 Structural parts (such as transmission system, engine system, connecting parts, etc.), wheel spoke, various brackets
6262 structural parts, such as the transmission system, engine system parts and connectors, etc.
6082 General structure, brake parts parts
6181a body board
7003 seat tracks, shock absorber enhanced tendons
7021 shock absorber with flat rules and polygonal rods and bracket boards
7029 Light or anode oxidizing shock absorber uses a plane rule polygonal stick
7072 condenser and radiator wings
7129 shock absorber uses a plane ruler polygonal rod, shock absorber enhanced tendon, orbital extrusion material

Automotive Aluminum Plate Specifications

Aluminum for Automotive Body Sheet Panels

Key Automotive Aluminum Plate Introduction

6061 Aluminum Body Panels

6061 Automotive Aluminum

6063 Automotive Aluminum Plate

5182 Automotive Aluminum Plate

5182 aluminum alloy is a commonly used aluminum alloy, especially suitable for automobile manufacturing. Its main features are high strength, excellent formability and corrosion resistance.

5182 Automotive Aluminum

5754 Automotive Aluminum Plate

5754 aluminum alloy is widely used in automobile manufacturing, and its strength, formability and corrosion resistance are excellent, which can help automobile manufacturers improve the performance, durability and fuel economy of vehicles.

7075 Automotive Aluminum

7075 aluminum alloy is a high-strength aluminum alloy that is commonly used in automotive racing because of its good mechanical properties and fatigue resistance.

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