Aluminum PP (polypropylene) caps

Haomei Aluminum PP (polypropylene) caps are not deformed, there is no problem with the sealing performance, and there are no problems such as scratches, blemishes or poor printing on the surface of the cap

  1. Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps Supplier
  2. Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps Classification
    1. Beverage Bottle Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    2. Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    3. Food Bottle Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    4. Cosmetic Bottle Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    5. Other Caps
  3. Commonly Used Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    1. 1050 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    2. 3005 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    3. 5182 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    4. 5052 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps
    5. 8011 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) closures are commonly used in the packaging industry to seal bottles and jars. These lids are made of aluminum with a polypropylene liner that provides a secure seal and prevents leaks.

Aluminum PP bottle caps are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for the food and beverage industry. They can be easily opened and closed and are available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet different packaging needs.

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) caps

In addition to practical advantages, aluminum PP bottle caps are also environmentally friendly. They are fully recyclable, which means they can be reused to create new products and reduce waste.

Overall, Aluminum PP Lids are a reliable and sustainable solution for packaging and sealing products in various industries.

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps Supplier

Haomei Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of aluminum cap materials, and strictly controls the quality of the caps during the processing of Aluminum PP (polypropylene) caps.

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps Closure

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps Classification

Polypropylene bottle caps can generally be divided into two types : PP-H and PP-C, and their characteristics are introduced below :

Depending on the field of application, aluminum alloy and polypropylene caps can be classified. The following are common classifications with their corresponding alloys, tempers and examples :

Beverage Bottle Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

Food Bottle Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

Cosmetic Bottle Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

Other Caps

It is necessary to select the appropriate aluminum alloy or polypropylene material according to the specific product application and requirements, and carry out appropriate processing to ensure the quality and use effect of the product.

Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps Application

Commonly Used Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

1050 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

1050 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) caps are low cost, easy to process and recycle, suitable for short-term food and beverage packaging.

3005 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

5182 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

AA5182 has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good formability, and is suitable for making long-term storage food and beverage packaging.

5052 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

AA5052 alloy is stronger than AA5182 alloy, and has excellent corrosion resistance and formability, making it suitable for long-term preservation of food and beverage packaging.

Both 5052 and 5182 are aluminum-magnesium alloy caps with similar applications. The specific choice needs to be based on the specific needs of the customer, mainly based on the strength of the product required by the customer.

8011 Aluminum PP (polypropylene) Caps

AA8011 alloy is mainly composed of aluminum and other elements, has good strength, corrosion resistance and sealing performance, and is suitable for making packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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