Cold Formed Medicinal 8021-O Aluminum Foil

Updated : Dec. 21, 2023
Table of Contents
  1. Learn about 8021-O aluminum alloy
  2. Key Properties of Cold Formed Medicinal 8021-O Aluminum Foil
  3. Cold forming medicinal 8021-O aluminum foil processing requirements
  4. Cold Formed 8021-O Aluminum Foil Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Cold Formed Medicinal 8021-O Aluminum Foil Manufacturing Process
  6. Conclusion

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, material selection plays a key role in ensuring the safety, effectiveness and stability of pharmaceuticals. Cold-formed pharmaceutical 8021-O aluminum foil is a material of considerable interest in the pharmaceutical industry. This specialized aluminum foil has become the cornerstone of pharmaceutical formulation packaging due to its unique properties and applications.

8021-O aluminum foil

8021-O aluminum foil has a clean surface, uniform color, no spots, no oil stains, is flat and has no holes, and has strong mechanical properties, strong tear resistance and strong penetration resistance.

Learn about 8021-O aluminum alloy

"8021-O" means the aluminum has been annealed. The annealing process gives the aluminum foil good properties, enhancing its flexibility, ductility and formability. This is especially important in pharmaceutical packaging, which often requires the ability to conform to complex shapes.

Key Properties of Cold Formed Medicinal 8021-O Aluminum Foil

1. Flexibility and adaptability

The annealed condition of 8021-O aluminum foil gives it excellent flexibility. This feature is helpful in the production of blister packs and other packaging formats that require the material to closely conform to the contours of the drug product.

2. Barrier performance

Aluminum is inherently opaque to light, moisture, and air, making it an excellent barrier material. Alloy 8021-O in particular enhances these barrier properties, protecting pharmaceutical products from external elements that could compromise their stability.

3. Compatibility with cold forming

The cold forming capability of this aluminum foil is a defining feature. It can create complex-shaped packages that ensure safe storage of medicines while maintaining ease of use for the end user.

4. Heat resistance

Alloy 8021-O has commendable heat resistance, making it suitable for applications where packaged pharmaceutical products may be exposed to varying temperature conditions during storage and transportation.

Cold forming medicinal 8021-O aluminum foil processing requirements

  • 1. The plate shape is smooth, and there are no black oil spots, scratches, small black threads, bright lines, roller-printed bumps, mosquitoes, etc. on the surface.
  • 2. There are no cavities or holes. If holes are found, they must be eliminated.
  • 3. Water brushing must meet Class A standards.
  • 4. Trimming quality, no burrs, tower shapes, layer channeling, ruffles, flanging, and concave and convex lighting phenomena.
  • 5. The packaging is moisture-proof and avoids oxidation.

Cold Formed 8021-O Aluminum Foil

Cold Formed 8021-O Aluminum Foil Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cold-formed pharmaceutical packaging is a sealed package that is deep-drawn and pressed into shape. It is often used for packaging pills, capsules, granules, and tablets. It has excellent moisture-proof, light-shielding, and high barrier capabilities.

Cold-formed pharmaceutical 8021-O aluminum foil has a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, helping to improve the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. Some noteworthy applications include:

1. Blister Packaging

Aluminum foil’s cold forming capabilities make it the first choice for blister packaging, which is widely used for unit-dose packaging of tablets and capsules. The precise shape ensures a snug fit and protects the contents from external influences.

Application Blister foil Tropical medicinal aluminum foil
Alloy 8021 8021/8079
Temper O O
Thickness(mm) 0.04-0.065 0.016-0.2
Width(mm) 100-1700 100-1700
Typical uses Blister packaging High-end pharmaceutical packaging

2. Strip Packs

Strip packaging, commonly used for oral dosage forms, takes advantage of the flexibility of 8021-O aluminum foil. This packaging format allows for convenient dispensing of individual doses while maintaining the integrity of the remaining strip.

3. Child-safe packaging

The malleability of foil helps create child-safe packaging solutions. This is a crucial consideration for children who may accidentally ingest medications that pose risks.

4. Extend shelf life

The barrier properties of the foil help extend the shelf life of pharmaceutical products by protecting them from environmental factors that can cause degradation.

Cold Formed Medicinal 8021-O Aluminum Foil Manufacturing Process

The production of cold-formed pharmaceutical 8021-O aluminum foil involves a series of carefully planned steps. The starting point is of course high-quality 8021 aluminum alloy. The alloy undergoes a meticulous annealing process in which controlled heating and cooling are achieved to achieve the desired material state.

The foil is then cold rolled to achieve the specified thickness. Cold rolling not only refines the thickness but also gives the foil a smooth surface finish. This level of precision is critical in pharmaceutical applications because the integrity of packaging materials cannot be compromised.

Cold forming of foil involves forming at or slightly below room temperature. This process is used to create blister packs or other complex forms commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging. Cold forming ensures that the aluminum foil retains its mechanical properties while assuming the desired shape.


Cold-formed pharmaceutical 8021-O aluminum foil demonstrates the synergy between materials science and pharmaceutical packaging. Its unique combination of flexibility, barrier properties and cold forming capabilities make it an integral component in pharmaceutical packaging.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, so will innovation surrounding aluminum foil and its applications, ensuring the continued safety and effectiveness of drug formulations.

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