8021 Aluminum Foil for Medical Blister Packaging

Updated : Dec. 21, 2023
Table of Contents
  1. Learn about 8021 aluminum foil
  2. 8021 Aluminum Foil for Medical Blister Packaging Specifications
  3. Why choose 8021 Aluminum Foil for Medical Blister Packaging
  4. Medical Blister Packaging uses 8021 aluminum foil advantages
  5. Regulatory Compliance and Security
  6. Conclusion

Medical Blister Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. Among the various materials used for blister packaging, 8021 aluminum foil is the first choice due to its excellent performance.

Learn about 8021 aluminum foil

1.Performance of 8021 aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil is an alloy belonging to the 8xxx series, known for its excellent combination of strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance. The foil is characterized by high barrier properties, making it ideal for packaging applications, especially in the medical industry

Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.02 to 0.2 mm, 8021 aluminum foil provides the necessary protection against moisture, light and gases.


2. Manufacturing process

The production of 8021 aluminum foil involves several steps such as casting, rolling, heat treatment and finishing. The alloy is first cast into slabs and then hot rolled into sheets. Subsequent heat treatment enhances the mechanical properties of the foil and makes it suitable for specific applications. Finally, the foil is finished to achieve the required thickness and surface quality.

8021 Aluminum Foil for Medical Blister Packaging Specifications

The thickness of 8021 packaging aluminum foil is mostly above 0.05mm. Medicinal aluminum foil requires no oil stains, no black lines, no pinholes, no yellow spots, no ruffles, etc. on the surface.

  • Temper: O/H18/H19
  • Type: Roll
  • Treatment:Coated
  • Thickness: 0.045-0.03 (customizable)
  • Width: 50mm-600mm (can be customized)
  • Laqure Weight: 4gsm/7gsm
  • Surface State: Double light Aluminum Foil
  • Structure:OPA/AL/PVC

Haomei Aluminum is a manufacturer of aluminum foil roll raw materials for tropical blister aluminum (aluminum-plastic aluminum) (it does not perform post-processing processes such as compounding, printing, and gluing, and only provides aluminum substrates)

Haomei Aluminum strictly controls the quality of 8021 aluminum foil, verifying heat sealing strength, sealing performance test (negative pressure method), protective layer adhesion test, and heat resistance test to verify heat sealing strength, sealing performance, and protective layer adhesion fastness respectively. and heat resistance.

Pharmaceutical packaging bags may be in direct contact with drugs, and their safety performance, hygienic performance and other production requirements must be strict. Therefore, pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers must undergo strict testing when selecting aluminum foil 8021 for pharmaceutical packaging as pharmaceutical packaging materials.

8021 Aluminum Foil for Medical Blister Packaging

Why choose 8021 Aluminum Foil for Medical Blister Packaging

1. Barrier performance

One of the key reasons why 8021 aluminum foil is widely used in Medical Blister Packaging is its excellent barrier properties. Foil effectively blocks moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors that can compromise the integrity of your drug product. This barrier protection ensures extended shelf life of the drug and maintenance of its therapeutic efficacy.

2. Compatibility with heat seal coatings

8021 aluminum foil is easily coated with a heat-sealable material, allowing for secure and tamper-evident sealing of blister packs. Compatibility with a variety of heat-seal coatings ensures a tight seal, preventing the ingress of contaminants and providing an additional layer of protection to the enclosed drug.

3. Formability and adaptability

Medical Blister Packaging often involves creating complex shapes to accommodate different dosage forms and drug types. The formability of 8021 aluminum foil allows it to be easily adapted to a variety of packaging designs, ensuring a tight fit to the drug product. This versatility makes it ideal for packaging applications requiring complex shapes and sizes.

Medical Blister Packaging uses 8021 aluminum foil advantages

1. Lightweight and cost-effective

8021 aluminum foil is known for its lightweight properties, which helps reduce the overall weight of the package. This not only improves the convenience of transportation, but also saves material and transportation costs. The combination of strength and light weight makes 8021 aluminum foil a cost-effective solution for Medical Blister Packaging.

2. Environmental considerations

As the world becomes more focused on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, the recyclability of 8021 aluminum foil becomes a significant advantage. Foil can be recycled without losing its essential properties, helping to reduce the environmental impact associated with packaging materials. This is in line with the pharmaceutical industry’s growing emphasis on green packaging solutions.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

1. Comply with regulatory standards

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and must adhere to strict quality and safety standards. 8021 aluminum foil complies with international regulations such as those set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Its use in medical blister packaging ensures that pharmaceutical products meet the necessary quality and safety requirements.

2. Protect drug integrity

In addition to regulatory compliance, 8021 aluminum foil is used in blister packaging for its ability to protect the integrity of pharmaceuticals. The foil acts as a barrier against external factors that may compromise the stability and efficacy of the pharmaceutical formulation. This protective function is particularly important for sensitive drugs that require a controlled environment to maintain their therapeutic properties.


In summary, 8021 aluminum foil is a versatile and reliable material for Medical Blister Packaging. Its excellent barrier properties, compatibility with heat-seal coatings, formability and compliance with regulatory standards make it ideal for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, the role of 8021 aluminum foil is likely to expand, driven by continued research and innovation in packaging materials and technologies.

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