Aluminum foil pharma grade 8011 H18

Updated : Dec. 15, 2023
Table of Contents
  1. Learn about aluminum alloy 8011 H18
  2. Common Specification for Aluminum Foil Pharma Grade 8011 H18
  3. Manufacturing process of pharmaceutical grade 8011 H18 aluminum foil
  4. Characteristics of 8011 H18 aluminum foil
  5. Application of 8011 h18 aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging
  6. 8011 h18 aluminum foil packaging ensures the safety of medicines
  7. Conclusion

Aluminum foil has been the backbone of pharmaceutical packaging for decades. Its unique combination of properties, such as barrier protection, flexibility and lightweight, make it ideal for maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical products. Among the many grades of aluminum foil, 8011 H18 stands out for its special properties that meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Aluminum foil pharma grade 8011 H18

Learn about aluminum alloy 8011 H18

Aluminum alloy 8011 belongs to the 8xxx series and is characterized by excellent formability and corrosion resistance. The H18 temper designation indicates that the aluminum has been strain hardened and stabilized, making it suitable for applications requiring high strength. These properties make 8011 H18 an ideal material for pharmaceutical packaging where durability and protection are critical.

Common Specification for Aluminum Foil Pharma Grade 8011 H18

Parameter Value
Thickness Range Standard Thickness: 0.016 mm (16 microns) and above
Intermediate Thickness: 20 to 25 microns
Heavy-Duty Thickness: 30 microns and above
Width Common Width Range: 200 mm to 600 mm
Length Customizable, Standard Lengths: From a few meters to several hundred meters per roll
Surface Characteristics Smooth surface finish, suitable for printing and labeling
Some foils may undergo surface treatments or coatings
Other Specifications Tight tolerance to ensure consistency in thickness and dimensions
Alloy Composition: Specifically designed for strength, formability, and corrosion resistance
Compliance Must comply with pharmaceutical regulations (FDA, EMA, etc.)
Packaging Forms Rolls: Commonly supplied in roll form for high-speed packaging machines
Sheets: Available for specific pharmaceutical packaging requirements

Manufacturing process of pharmaceutical grade 8011 H18 aluminum foil

The production of aluminum foil involves a series of complex processes. From the extraction of bauxite to the rolling and annealing of the final foil, each step contributes to the quality of the foil. H18 tempering is achieved through a controlled annealing process that enhances the material's mechanical properties. Understanding the manufacturing process helps understand the properties and performance of foils in pharmaceutical applications.

8011 H18 aluminum foil

Characteristics of 8011 H18 aluminum foil

  • Barrier Protection: Aluminum foil effectively blocks light, moisture and gases, protecting pharmaceutical products from external factors that could compromise their quality.
  • Flexibility: The inherent flexibility of aluminum foil allows it to be easily shaped and conformed to the contours of various pharmaceutical packaging formats such as blister packs and sachets.
  • Heat Resistance: The high heat resistance of 8011 H18 ensures that the foil maintains its integrity during the sterilization process, which is critical for pharmaceutical products that require a sterile environment.
  • Corrosion resistance: The corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum foil prevent packaging materials from degrading over time, ensuring the longevity of pharmaceuticals.

Application of 8011 h18 aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging

  • Blister packaging: Aluminum foil 8011 H18 is widely used in blister packaging of tablets and capsules. The foil provides an impermeable barrier, protecting the drug from external factors.
  • Strip Packaging: Strip packaging is commonly used for oral films and smaller pharmaceutical products that benefit from the ease of use and protection provided by aluminum foil.
  • Sachets and Pouches: The flexibility of aluminum foil makes it suitable for sachets and pouches, providing an effective solution for unit dose packaging.
  • Injectable packaging: In injectable packaging, sterile conditions are crucial, and the heat resistance of 8011 H18 ensures safe storage of injectables and other sterile pharmaceuticals.

8011 aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging

8011 h18 aluminum foil packaging ensures the safety of medicines

  • Preserves drug efficacy: The barrier properties of 8011 H18 aluminum foil play a key role in maintaining drug efficacy by preventing moisture, light and gases from affecting active ingredients.
  • Extended shelf life: The protective properties of aluminum foil help extend the shelf life of medications, ensuring the product remains stable and effective throughout its expected lifespan.
  • Ensuring sterility: In injectable drug packaging, the heat resistance of foil ensures that the packaging material does not compromise the sterility of the injectable drug.


Pharmaceutical grade 8011 H18 aluminum foil has become the cornerstone of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, ensuring the safety, effectiveness and integrity of drugs. Its unique combination of properties, coupled with regulatory compliance and environmental considerations, make it the material of choice for pharmaceutical packaging.

As technology advances, further innovations in aluminum foil and its applications in pharmaceuticals are likely to unfold, continuing to raise the bar for pharmaceutical packaging and safety.

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