What are the factors that affect the price of kitchen aluminum discs?

Updated : Jan. 02, 2024
Table of Contents
  1. Quality of kitchen aluminum discs
  2. Kitchen aluminum disc thickness
  3. Kitchen aluminum disc diameter and size
  4. Surface treatment of kitchen aluminum discs
  5. Aluminum wafer market supply and demand relationship
  6. Aluminum disc raw material price
  7. Production Process
  8. Manufacturer and brand

The price of kitchen aluminum discs is affected by many factors. Here are some factors that may affect the price:

Quality of kitchen aluminum discs

Different types of aluminum alloys have different properties and qualities, so the quality of the selected aluminum alloy will directly affect the price of aluminum wafers.

kitchen aluminum discs

Kitchen aluminum disc thickness

The thickness of kitchen aluminum discs is also a key factor. Generally speaking, thicker kitchen aluminum discs will cost more.

The thickness of stamped aluminum circles does not actually mean that thicker is better, nor does it mean that thinner is better.

Generally, the thickness of those thicker stamped aluminum discs means that more impurities are mixed into the manufacturing process, and the increase in impurities means a reduction in strength. This variety of embossed aluminum discs is often sold at a lower price in the market. sell.

Kitchen Aluminum Discs Typical Thickness

Aluminum Discs Thickness (mm) Applications
Kitchen aluminum discs 0.5 mm Lightweight baking trays, utensils, thin baking materials
Kitchen aluminum discs 1.0 mm General-purpose baking pans, baking molds, oven trays
Kitchen aluminum discs 1.5 mm Oven baking pans, oven drawers, oven baking racks
Kitchen aluminum discs 2.0 mm Large baking pans, baking racks, oven baking trays
Kitchen aluminum discs 3.0 mm High-performance baking materials, oven steam baking pans

Kitchen aluminum disc diameter and size

The diameter and size of aluminum discs have an impact on the price. Large-sized aluminum discs usually require more raw materials and production costs, so the price is relatively high.

Kitchen Aluminum Discs Typical Diameter

Aluminum Discs Diameter (mm) Applications
Kitchen aluminum discs 150 mm Small cookie baking trays, individual cake pans
Kitchen aluminum discs 200 mm Medium-sized baking pans, cake pans, pizza pans
Kitchen aluminum discs 250 mm Large baking pans, pizza pans, cake base pans
Kitchen aluminum discs 300 mm High-capacity baking trays, large pizza pans, cake base pans
Kitchen aluminum discs 350 mm Extra-large baking pans, large pizza pans, multi-layer cake baking

Surface treatment of kitchen aluminum discs

Some aluminum discs may undergo surface treatment, such as anodizing, spraying, etc., to improve their corrosion resistance and aesthetics. These additional processes may increase manufacturing costs, thereby affecting price.

  • Anodized Kitchen Aluminum Discs: This is a common method of increasing the hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum surfaces. Anodized aluminum discs usually have a wear-resistant outer layer and are available in different color options.
  • Spray-coated kitchen aluminum discs: The surface of the aluminum discs can be spray-coated to give it different colors and appearance effects. These coatings can be painted, sprayed or other chemical coatings to improve aesthetics and corrosion resistance.
  • Polished kitchen aluminum discs: Polishing is to make the aluminum surface smooth and shiny through mechanical or chemical means. This not only improves appearance but also helps improve corrosion resistance.
  • Brushed Kitchen Aluminum Discs: The brushed treatment creates tiny brush marks on the aluminum surface, creating a unique texture. This treatment is often used to improve scratch resistance and appearance.
  • Grinding kitchen aluminum discs: Mechanical grinding can improve the flatness of the aluminum surface and give it a certain gloss.

The difference in price depends mainly on the complexity of the surface treatment and the materials used. Generally speaking, aluminum wafers with more complex and advanced surface treatments will be relatively more expensive because these treatments provide more performance and appearance features.

Special colors and effects may also increase costs. The specific price difference also depends on market supply and demand and the manufacturer's pricing strategy. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose the appropriate surface treatment method based on actual needs and budget.

High quality kitchen aluminum discs

Aluminum wafer market supply and demand relationship

Market supply and demand is an important factor in determining commodity prices. If market demand is high and supply is relatively low, prices may rise; and vice versa.

Aluminum disc raw material price

Aluminum is the main raw material for aluminum wafers, and its price fluctuations will also directly affect the price of aluminum wafers.

The raw materials (aluminum ingots or aluminum scrap) selected during manufacturing, there are a variety of raw materials that can be used to consume and manufacture stamped aluminum wafers, and the cost of raw materials of different qualities is slightly different.

For example, some factories use aluminum ingots containing 99.7% aluminum for production (pure aluminum ingots), but other factories use recycled aluminum scrap for production (recycled aluminum rounds). Prices will vary by $150 to $250 per ton.

Production Process

Different production processes may affect manufacturing costs. High-precision production processes and technical requirements may result in higher prices.

Manufacturer and brand

Different manufacturers and brands may have different pricing strategies, so the prices of aluminum wafers of the same specifications may differ between different brands.

Different factories have different equipment and teams, and their production efficiency and yield are also different. Those large factories have more professional and stable production processes and equipment, and the quality of stamped aluminum circles is relatively high, so the sales price on the market is slightly higher than other stamped aluminum circles.

Taking these factors into consideration, buyers need to weigh these factors based on actual needs when choosing kitchen aluminum discs to find the most cost-effective product.

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