Aluminium circle for making pot 1060 3003

Updated : Jan. 03, 2024
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  1. Learn about 1060 aluminum circle
  2. Explore 3003 aluminum circle
  3. Aluminum circle for making pot 1060 3003 Features
  4. Hot roll aluminum circle /disc 1060 3003 for cookware and utensils

In the world of cookware, material selection plays a key role in determining the performance, durability and overall quality of the final product. Among the various materials available, aluminum discs, especially those made from 1060 and 3003 alloys, have gained widespread recognition for their exceptional properties in pot making.

Aluminium circle for making pot 1060 3003

Learn about 1060 aluminum circle

1060 aluminum alloy is a pure aluminum alloy known for its excellent formability, high corrosion resistance and impressive thermal conductivity. These properties make it ideal for making pots of various sizes and shapes. Its pure aluminum composition ensures that the pan is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a popular choice in both professional and home kitchens.

Advantages of 1060 aluminum round pots

  • Formability: The excellent formability of 1060 aluminum discs enables manufacturers to manufacture basins with complex designs and precise dimensions to meet the diverse needs of the market.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Pans made of 1060 aluminum rounds are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity and maintaining their appearance even with prolonged use.
  • Thermal conductivity: Efficient heat conduction is essential for pot making. 1060 alloy excels in this regard, ensuring even heat distribution during cooking, resulting in consistent and well-cooked meals.

Explore 3003 aluminum circle

3003 aluminum alloy belongs to the manganese family and brings extra strength and durability to the pot making process. The alloy's composition includes manganese, which increases strength and corrosion resistance. When crafted into a round shape, 3003 aluminum becomes a versatile choice for a variety of pot applications.

The main features of 3003 aluminum circles for pot making

  • Strength and Durability: The addition of manganese enhances the overall strength and durability of the pan, making it suitable for heavy-duty cooking.
  • Application Versatility: 3003 aluminum discs are not only suitable for the production of pots and pans, but also for the production of other kitchenware such as lids, ensuring a cohesive and matching set of cookware.
  • Ease of Manufacturing: Manufacturers appreciate that 3003 aluminum can be easily manufactured into pots of different shapes and sizes, allowing for the production of a variety of products.

Combining the benefits of 1060 and 3003 aluminum alloys provides the best balance of formability, durability and versatility. This combination creates pots and pans that meet the highest standards of professional chefs and home cooks alike.

Generally, woks, soup pots or pans are mostly made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials. Pots made of aluminum round alloys are lighter in weight and have lower manufacturing costs, so pots on the market are basically made of aluminum round alloys. It's done.

3003 Aluminum Disc Circle

Aluminum circle for making pot 1060 3003 Features

  • Excellent heat distribution
  • The pot body is lighter

Hot-rolled DC 3003 and 1060 aluminum rounds are mostly used to make pots that require deep drawing. Whether to use the 3000 series or the 1000 series mainly depends on what kind of pot you want to make.

3000 series aluminum round has better hardness than 1000 series aluminum round after stretching.

Cast (many people call it cold-rolled) CC aluminum rounds are easily strained (cracked) after stretching, and the oxidation effect is not as good as DC.

Kitchen utensils generally use 3000 series 3003 aluminum round DC.

Aluminum alloys are excellent thermal conductors. Aluminum conducts heat 5 times faster than iron and 9 times faster than stainless steel. Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of the aluminum ring, heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the pot at the fastest speed, and food of different shapes can be heated evenly due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum.

Hot roll aluminum circle /disc 1060 3003 for cookware and utensils

Aluminium Alloy 1060, 3003
Thickness (mm) 0.3-6.0
Diameter (mm) 20-1200
Temper HO, H12, H14, , H22, H24
Param value
Material process CC AND DC (DC For cookware and CC for roadsign)
DC for cookware with good deep drawing and spinning
Customerize size Size can be produced as per clients requirement
Surface Mill finish , or color coated or anodized
Quality Standard ASTM B209, EN573-1
Material Quality Totally free from defects like roll makers , edge damage , oil stain , white rust
dents, scratches etc , A+++ quality
Applications DC hot roll for cookware and utensiles and CC for roadsigns
Packing Standard export worthy wooden pallets, and standard packing is about 1 tons/pallet
Pallet weight also can be as per client's requirement, and one 20' can be loaded about 25mts

Aluminium circle for making pot 1060 3003 Production Standard as per international standard ASTM OR EN standard All chemical compostion , mechanical property , size tolerance , flat tolerance etcStrictly as per ASTM OR EN standard .

alloy 1060 3003
Si 0.25 0.6
Fe 0.35 0.7
Cu 0.05 0.05~0.20
Mn 0.03 1.0~1.5
Mg 0.03 _
Cr _ _
Zn 0.05 0.1
Ti 0.03 _
Other Single 0.03 0.05
Total _ 0.15
Al ≥99.6 Remainder

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