What is anodized aluminum sheet coil?

Updated : Jan. 24, 2024
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  1. Advantages of anodized aluminum coils
  2. Anodized aluminum coil applications

Aluminum can be found everywhere in life, including cans, door and window building materials, electronic appliances, and it seems to be used in every field. Anodized aluminum coils are more widely used. Even Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iMac, Macbook, Honor, Huawei and other brands all use this main material. Why is it so popular? What exactly is anodized aluminum?

anodized aluminum sheet coil application

Anodized aluminum generally refers to all aluminum or aluminum alloys that have been treated by an anodizing process. From a principle point of view, first of all, aluminum is active in nature, and a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface immediately after contact with air. At the same time, it can also create new characteristics by incorporating different metal ratios.

The anodizing process is to prevent aluminum products from rusting or being corroded. From a technical point of view, it mainly performs an oxidation reaction on anodized aluminum, and finally forms a relatively stable oxide film on the surface of the aluminum product to isolate it from external chemical damage.

The oxide film is very thin, with a thickness of nanometers. Simply put, the anodizing process is a method that keeps your equipment looking like new and extending its service life. For example, the bathroom products and bathroom racks in our lives are mainly made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, commonly known as "space aluminum".

Advantages of anodized aluminum coils

Anodized aluminum material has high strength and hardness, better flatness and more beautiful appearance. Ordinary aluminum coils are mostly gray, but the color of anodized aluminum will be richer. And the metal texture is stronger, especially decorative, improving the grade and added value of the product.

After anodizing, it is equivalent to an additional coating, which can well isolate the "protective layer" from the outside world, thus having anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, strong weather resistance, no discoloration, no powdering, no peeling, and long-lasting Durable features.

It has high heat resistance and fire resistance. After anodizing treatment, the melting point is >2000℃.

  • High wear resistance, up to 250~500 kg/mm².
  • Good insulation, breakdown voltage resistance up to 2000V.
  • It has high self-cleaning properties, is not easy to accumulate dust on the surface, and has low maintenance and cleaning costs.

Anodized aluminum coil applications

Mobile phone brands such as Apple and Huawei also use aluminum oxide rolls. Of course, such easy-to-use materials are indispensable in the building materials industry, and they are even "outstanding representatives" among them. For example, anodized aluminum coils. It is widely used in building exterior facade decoration, interior ceiling decoration, etc.

Seeing this, do you already know a lot about anodized aluminum? In fact, its application range is still very wide. In addition to the field of building materials, electronic products, daily necessities, and even switches have begun to focus on the application of this material.

Catering to the increasingly popular CMF design, Simon has launched Simon M6, a switch that leads a new wave of wall aesthetics.

anodized aluminum coil for switch Simon M6

Different from traditional switch materials, Simon M6 innovatively introduces anodized aluminum material. The reason for choosing this material is based on the user's demand for switch texture and decoration. The anodized aluminum switch of Simon M6 has a metallic texture, is more decorative, has high strength, is corrosion-resistant, has a high weight ratio and has a stable texture.

The tough anodized aluminum frame has a very strong modern metallic decorative effect, is antistatic, and does not easily absorb dust. At the same time, the CNC processing technology makes the surface more delicate and highlights the luxurious texture. Whether it is light luxury hotel style or industrial LOFT personalized decoration, Simon M6 can easily control it.

Anodized aluminum is just a step in material innovation. In the future, more new materials will enter people's homes. Whether it is Apple, Huawei or Simon Electric, brands in the manufacturing industry are constantly adjusting and innovating in their exploration of product materials and processes. Only in this way can we meet the ever-changing market and lead industry upgrades and product iterations.

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