What is a good aluminum round billet? How to conduct quality inspection?

Updated : Jan. 02, 2024
Table of Contents
  1. Surface quality
  2. Chemical composition
  3. Mechanical properties
  4. Particle size test
  5. Dimensions and geometry
  6. Remove residual stress
  7. Packaging inspection

In order to ensure the good quality of round aluminum plates, manufacturers usually set up special quality inspection posts during the production of aluminum discs. Use professional tools to carefully check the quality of aluminum circles. Good aluminum circles are generally tested through the following aspects.

Surface quality

First, look at the surface of the aluminum circle. Good quality round aluminum plates have no obvious defects such as deformation, scratches, cracks, pores, yellow spots, etc. At the same time, the surface finish is required to meet the requirements of the product.

The second is to check whether the surface color of the aluminum alloy disc has different shades of color. If there is color difference, it means the quality is not up to standard.

High quality aluminum round raw materials

Chemical composition

Through a professional spectrum analyzer, the chemical composition of the aluminum disk can be detected. Then compare with standard GB/T3880-2012 or standard ASTM B209. We must ensure that each chemical element is within the range required by the standard.

The chemical composition of aluminum round billet is a key factor affecting its performance. Ensure that the composition of aluminum alloys complies with relevant international or industry standards, which usually involves testing the content of elements, such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc, etc.

Mechanical properties

The tensile strength and mechanical properties of the aluminum round are tested through a tensile testing machine to ensure that the tensile strength and elongation of the aluminum round meet the standards. If the mechanical properties are not up to standard, breakage may easily occur during the stamping and spinning processes. It will waste a lot of time and material costs in the production department.

  • The tensile strength of aluminum round 1050-O is generally 60Mpa to 100Mpa, the elongation is about 35%.
  • The tensile strength of aluminum round 1050 H12 is generally around 100Mpa, and the elongation is around 10%.

Conduct mechanical performance tests such as tensile testing and hardness testing to ensure that the strength, toughness, hardness, etc. of the aluminum round billets meet product design requirements.

1050 Aluminum Disc circle

Particle size test

Grain structure is also important to the properties of aluminum alloys. Observe the size and distribution of grains through metallographic microscopes and other tools to ensure they are within the appropriate range.

Different manufacturers have different requirements for grain size. According to international standards, most factories control the particle size to be above level two, while some large factories require the particle size to be level one. This can ensure that customers can achieve a 98% or even 100% pass rate of aluminum wafers during the kitchenware production process.

Dimensions and geometry

Measure the diameter, length and other dimensions of the aluminum round billet to ensure that it meets the specified standards. Check for obvious deviations, bends and other geometric problems.

Remove residual stress

Detecting the presence of residual stress in aluminum round billets can be an important quality issue during production.

Packaging inspection

Check whether the packaging of the aluminum round billets is intact to prevent damage during transportation.

When conducting quality inspection before loading, a series of non-destructive and destructive testing methods are usually used, such as ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing, hardness testing, chemical analysis, etc.

The inspection process should be carried out by experienced quality control personnel to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. If any quality problems are found, timely measures need to be taken to correct them or the batch of aluminum round billets will be rejected.

In addition, staff need to use professional measuring tools when testing aluminum disks. Because the aluminum disc is very thin. If the measuring tool has the slightest flaw, it will have a certain impact on the measurement results. Therefore, it is necessary to use good measuring tools to test the accuracy of aluminum disks.

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