Blue 1050 Aluminum coils

Updated : Jan. 15, 2024
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  1. Blue 1050 Aluminum coils Materials and Specifications
  2. Blue 1050 Aluminum coils color characteristics
  3. Blue 1050 Aluminum coils application areas
  4. Blue 1050 Aluminum coils Advantages and Features
  5. Blue coated 1050 aluminum coil process
  6. Conclusion

Blue 1050 aluminum coil is a blue-coated 1050 aluminum coil. It is an aluminum coil product with a blue coating on the surface of 1050 aluminum alloy. The surface is blue-coated, giving the aluminum coil a unique blue appearance.

"Blue 1050 aluminum coil" is a common aluminum coil product with a wide range of applications and superior performance. The following is a detailed introduction to blue 1050 aluminum coils:

Blue 1050 aluminum coil

Blue 1050 Aluminum coils Materials and Specifications

Blue 1050 aluminum coil is mainly made of 1050 aluminum alloy, which is a higher purity aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. This aluminum coil is typically supplied in roll form and is available in different thicknesses, widths and lengths to meet a variety of industrial and manufacturing needs.

  • The tempering is mostly H18, basic hardness, no cold work hardening.
  • Thickness and width range from 0.1mm to 3mm and 400mm to 1600 respectively.
  • As for the length, it is usually decided by the customer.

Blue 1050 Aluminum coils color characteristics

Compared with traditional aluminum coils, blue 1050 aluminum coils have a unique blue appearance, which gives them personalized and beautiful features in some specific applications. This blue color not only adds to the decorative nature of the product, but also helps to better distinguish and identify it in certain environments.

Blue 1050 Aluminum coils application areas

Blue 1050 aluminum coils are widely used in many fields. Here are some common application areas:

Mill Finish 1050 aluminum coils can be used as raw materials for CTP substrates, PS substrates, aluminum-plastic panels, lamps, and battery covers.

Blue 1050 rolls are used as decorative materials in construction and advertising.

a. Construction and building materials industry

In the field of construction, blue 1050 aluminum coils are often used to manufacture decorative and structural elements such as building exterior walls, roofs, and window frames. Its blue exterior makes the building more unique and eye-catching in appearance.

b. Electronics industry

Due to the conductive properties of 1050 aluminum alloy, blue 1050 aluminum coils are widely used in the manufacture of electronic components, such as cable jackets, heat sinks, etc.

c. Packaging industry

Blue 1050 aluminum coils are also often used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields. Its corrosion resistance and good sealing properties make it an ideal packaging material.

d. Automobile industry

In automobile manufacturing, blue 1050 aluminum coils can be used to manufacture body panels, roofs, doors and other components, providing lightweight and corrosion-resistant solutions.

Blue 1050 aluminum coils can be further processed into aluminum rounds or blocks, becoming the raw material for tubes, cans, pans, pots and shells. In order to meet the aesthetic requirements of consumers, aluminum coil manufacturers paint other colors or patterns after the aluminum products are anodized.

Blue 1050 aluminum coil stock

Blue 1050 Aluminum coils Advantages and Features

The advantages of blue 1050 aluminum coil are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

a. Good corrosion resistance

1050 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, allowing blue 1050 aluminum coils to maintain stable performance in humid or corrosive environments.

b. Good electrical conductivity

In the electronics industry, the good conductive properties of 1050 aluminum alloy make blue 1050 aluminum coil an ideal material for manufacturing electronic components.

c. Lightweight

Aluminum alloys are lighter than other metals, so blue 1050 aluminum coils have advantages in some applications that require lower weight, such as automotive manufacturing.

Blue coated 1050 aluminum coil process

The preparation of blue-coated 1050 aluminum coils involves specific coating processes and technologies, which mainly include the following steps:

  • Basic material preparation: First, select high-quality 1050 aluminum coil as the basic material. This kind of aluminum coil is usually a rolled and treated aluminum alloy coil.
  • Surface treatment: Before coating, pre-treatment of the surface of the aluminum coil is a critical step. This may include removing oil, oxidation and dirt to ensure the coating adheres firmly to the aluminum surface.
  • Primer Application: Apply a layer of primer, this is to provide a base for the coating to adhere to. Primer selection may be influenced by the requirements of the specific coating system and the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Blue Coat Application: After the primer layer has dried, apply the blue coat. The preparation of blue coatings may involve special pigments and additives to achieve the desired color effect. This may include choosing a specific formula and concentration of blue pigment.
  • Drying and Curing: After the coating is applied, it needs to go through a drying and curing process to ensure that the coating is completely dry and cured. This can be accomplished by heat or other curing methods.
  • Surface Preparation and Finishing: Once the coating has cured, surface preparation and finishing may be required to ensure a smooth and consistent coating surface.
  • Inspection and Quality Control: Conduct final coating inspection and quality control to ensure consistent color, strong adhesion, no defects, and compliance with established technical specifications and standards.

Please note that the above steps are general preparation procedures and specific coating preparation may vary by manufacturer and product line. For blue coated 1050 aluminum coils, it is best to refer to the manufacturer's detailed instructions and guidance to ensure proper coating application and performance.


In general, blue 1050 aluminum coil is a multi-functional aluminum coil product with good performance, which is widely used in construction, electronics, packaging, automobiles and other fields. Its unique blue appearance adds color to the product, making it popular in practical applications.

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