Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate

Updated : Jan. 04, 2024
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  1. Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Features
  2. Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Requirements
  3. Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Specifications
  4. Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Applications

Lamp Shade 1060 aluminum round plate is made of high-purity 1060 aluminum alloy material, ensuring it has excellent thermal conductivity and anti-oxidation properties. Advanced technology is used in the manufacturing process to ensure the flatness and precision of the product, making it a durable and beautiful lighting component.

Lamp Shade 1060 aluminum round

The round design of the 1060 aluminum round plate gives the fixture an elegant and classic look. Its surface has been carefully treated to present a smooth and bright metallic luster, making the lamp more modern and decorative. This design not only improves the overall aesthetics of the lamp, but also creates a soft, comfortable lighting effect for the environment.

Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Features

  • Lightweight and durable: Made of high-strength 1060 aluminum alloy, the aluminum round plate is lightweight and durable, suitable for various lighting designs.
  • Thermal conductivity: Excellent thermal conductivity ensures the heat dissipation effect of the lamp and extends the service life of the lamp.
  • Ease of Processing: 1060 aluminum alloy is easy to process and form, providing manufacturers with more design freedom.
  • Anti-oxidation properties: The surface of the aluminum circular plate has been specially treated to have excellent oxidation resistance, keeping its appearance bright for a long time.

Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Requirements

When using 1060 aluminum discs to make lampshades, there are some requirements that need to be considered to ensure the quality and performance of the final product. The following are some suggestions and requirements for 1060 aluminum discs:

  • Purity and alloy composition: 1060 aluminum is a pure aluminum alloy, its main component is aluminum (Al) accounting for 99.60%. Ensure material purity meets relevant standards to obtain good formability and processing performance.
  • Hardness: 1060 aluminum generally has a lower hardness, which facilitates forming and machining. The choice of hardness should be determined based on the specific use and shape of the lampshade to ensure ease of processing and meet design requirements.
  • Surface condition: Ensure that the surface of the aluminum disc is smooth and has no obvious defects, such as depressions, oxidation spots, etc. Smooth surfaces help improve appearance quality and facilitate subsequent surface treatments.
  • Thickness and size: According to the design requirements of the lampshade, select the appropriate thickness and size of the 1060 aluminum disc. This involves considerations of structural strength, weight and appearance.
  • Machinability: 1060 aluminum has good machinability, but it is important to ensure that the material is not prone to cracks, warping or other deformations during the forming and processing process. This may require the use of appropriate processes and equipment during the manufacturing process.
  • Corrosion resistance: If the lampshade will be used outdoors or in humid environments, you need to ensure that the 1060 aluminum round plate has sufficient corrosion resistance. This may require surface treatment such as anodizing or other anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Thermal performance: If the lampshade needs to have a heat dissipation function, consider the thermal conductivity properties of 1060 aluminum. Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, but the lampshade needs to be designed to facilitate heat dissipation.
  • Comply with standards: Ensure that the 1060 aluminum discs used comply with relevant national or industry standards to ensure product safety and performance.

When selecting and using 1060 aluminum discs, it is best to work with a professional aluminum product manufacturer or engineer to ensure that the requirements of your specific lampshade project are met.

1060 Aluminum Circular Plate

Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Specifications

  • Lamp Shade 1060 aluminum discs usually use 1060 aluminum alloy, and its Temper is generally H14, which means that after partial softening, the alloy is in a semi-hard state, providing sufficient strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Commonly used thicknesses vary depending on the specific lamp design and requirements, but are generally between 0.3mm and 2mm. Different fixture types and manufacturing requirements may require different thicknesses to meet strength and lightweight requirements.

The thickness of 1060 aluminum discs used for lampshades can vary according to specific design requirements and uses. Generally speaking, the thickness of the lampshade is usually selected within the following range:

Thin Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate

Some modern design fixtures may use thinner 1060 aluminum discs, usually in the range of 0.5 mm to 1 mm. This type of lampshade may focus on lightness and a modern look.

Medium thickness Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate

Most conventional light fixtures may use aluminum discs of medium thickness between 1 mm and 2 mm. This thickness typically provides sufficient structural strength while keeping weight and cost reasonable.

Thick Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate

Certain applications, such as outdoor lighting or designs that require stronger structural support, may require thicker aluminum discs, perhaps more than 2 mm thick.

It should be noted that the thickness selection of the lampshade is also related to factors such as the diameter and height of the lamp.

Lamp Shade 1060 Aluminum Circular Plate Applications

Lamp Shade 1060 aluminum round plates are widely used in various types of lamps, including chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, etc. Its design flexibility and high degree of customization make it the lighting component of choice for designers and manufacturers. At the same time, this aluminum round plate can also be customized according to customer needs to adapt to lighting products of different styles and uses.

1060 aluminum alloy is a recyclable material that helps reduce resource waste and environmental burden. Therefore, the manufacturing process of Lamp Shade 1060 aluminum round plates complies with the principles of sustainable development and makes a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the lighting industry.

Overall, Lamp Shade 1060 aluminum round plate has become a treasure in the lighting industry with its high quality, beautiful appearance and practical characteristics, providing an ideal choice for creating more tasteful and functional lamps.

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